Replace the cabinet front door with a built-in TV set!

The SK-215A11 built-in TV set is a unique equipment of every kitchen. It is equipped with advanced technology, and combines the best technical parameters with an elegant design.


For those looking for practical solutions

The front side of the kitchen TV set is covered with tempered glass and a black frame with a sensory keypad. The use of a lightweight plastic housing significantly reduces weight of the TV set.

For those who appreciate modern technologies

The LCD matrix with FULL HD resolution is equipped with LED backlight and offers brightness of 250 cd/m2. The device is also equipped with a USB port, HDMI input and DVB-T/T2/C/S2 tuners.


TV set designed for installation in (not only) kitchen furniture

SK-215A11 TV set with very easy-to-install equipment which is an elegant replacement of the front door and also adds a prestigious design.

Perfect in the kitchen

Perfect in the kitchen

Forget about constant running into the living room, annoying your neighbours by setting the maximum volume, or omitting other episodes of your favourite programme.

Reliable in the office and the study

Reliable in the office and the study

It can also be successfully installed in your study. Connected to the set-top box, it will ensure constant access to the most important events of the day.

A must in the child's room

A must in the child's room

Inside the cabinet, there is a lot of free space left behind, which we can be still practicably used for storage.

Durable equipment that will serve for years

The TV module can be used with or without an optional easy-to-install bracket. This advantage allows to keep the general concept of kitchen furniture.

Ultra thin

Ultra thin

The front is only 20 mm thick which makes it possible to use the whole cabinet.

Built-in set-top box

Built-in set-top box

DVBT, DVBT2, DVBC, DVS2, so there is no need to connect additional devices.

HDMI input

HDMI input

Connect your devices with HDMI and enjoy unlimited resources.

Our customers' opinions

Satisfaction of our customers represents a special value for us.

The TV set is easy-to-install, guests are surprised that it is a TV set - designed as a built-in microwave. Sharp image and good viewing angles.
Built-in set-top boxes are the best thing, you do not need all these cables. Very good image quality. I do recommend!
I have decided to buy such a television set for the kitchen in my camper. It works faultlessly, the image is great, in addition, it does not take up too much space.

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